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Welcome and thank you for being here! I am grateful for you!

More than a decade ago, following a life-threatening incident and long recovery, I experienced a journey of discovery, which has awakened my senses to become in tune with the essence of life.

From the challenges I faced and the universal lessons I had to and still learn, I embarked on a variety of courses including massage, healing, meditation, life coaching, mind power, neuroscience and more, whilst creating and running a variety of businesses all aligned to my purpose.


I am now a guide, speaker, author, transformer, coach and pain whisperer, seeking to dispose of the pain that people are experiencing. through which I live life on purpose, more abundantly and meaningfully.

Through life we all experience pain and trauma. Becuase of this, we all have some form of pain - physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. 

I have discovered how to live pain free - from being down in the trenches and rising above anyone's expectation or imagination, to getting to where I needed to be - the best version of mysef - happy, pain free and successful.

I am all about a mind-shifting experience with the objective of long-term health and happiness. 

The Pain Whisperer

These are next level mind-shfting experiences which consist of a special moment in time between you, me and nature, where we dispose of your pain!

The experience will consist of you, me and the most peaceful and calming environment surrounded by water, birds, ducks, mountains and all that nature presents us with.

This allows us to go deep into thoughts and emotions so we can create realistic plans an actions for positive enhancements and sustainable change.

A healing, stress and pain relief massage may form part of the session if that is what is required to complete our session.

Once booked a the button below, I will confirm the location of the session which will be with a small and connected group of like mineded individuals

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