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Mind-Shifting Connection Sessions 

My One-On-One Connection Sessions are next level mind-shfting experiences which consist of a special moment in time between you, me and nature.

It is where we climb and summit your mountain together. Your challenges become your unique stepping stones to become the best version of yourself, which will be with you forever - my view is to build sustainable value in your life.

The experience will consist of you, me and the most peaceful and calming environment surrounded by water, birds, ducks, mountains and all that nature presents us with.

This allows us to go deep into thoughts and emotions so we can create realistic plans an actions for positive enhancements and change.

I have several one-on-one (and other group) options. The one-on-one options will be confirmed when we meet at the clubhouse.

Upon meeting, we will go for a boat cruise around the lake to either connect in one of the following areas:

  • The boat

  • The Water Deck (with or without the firepit burning) 

  • The garden (various spaces to either sit or walk around in)

  • Inside office (various spaces that we will choose at the time)

  • A hike in and around the mountain

A healing, stress and pain relief massage may form part of the session if that is what is required to complete our session.


Group events, Workshops, Retreats are also be availble. Please call me to find out more.

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