One-on-one mind-shifting 

One-On-One Mind-Shifting Consultations 

My One-On-One Mind-Shifting Consultations consist of a special moment in time between you and me.

It is where we climb and summit your mountain together.


Your challenges become your stepping stones to become the best version of yourself.


A healing and stress relief massage may form part of the consult if that is what is required to complete our session. 

The theory of the consultations will be largely part of The Be The Bubble concept, which I truly believe is one of the best ways to live your life, in the best possible way, with the correct mindset and attitude that will have and keep you in a state of happiness, love, freedom of pain and success.

You can use Be The Bubble with anything you are going though - good, bad, ugly or gorgeous! Absolutely anything, especially when you find yourself in the dark and you cannot find the light.

Be The Bubble mind-shifts you to think, act and choose differently so you not only find the light but you actually create it! 

We all want to be happy and successful right?

Come join us. This may be with you for the rest of your life

This is a connection session with you and me.