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18 Years - Le'Chaim

What is life?

To me,

life is a lot,



All at the same time!

From dust to dust means that we were born from dust and we will go back to dust when our time is done in this realm!


The time we have here is what really counts…

Irrespective of the duration!

There is something extremely special between our realm where we exist from dust to dust!

That is…

The energy we provide to those around us…

Which is a powerful force!

I say to those around us not to depict that we need to do things for other people but rather that whatever we do we need to do it with love and peace so we can uplift the world around us.

I ask this question: What is life?

I ask… Because today represents 18 years of my second life.

18 is precious to me and here are the reasons why in no particular order, well maybe…

- My wife’s birthday is on the 18th and truth be told, happy wife, happy life! Added to that, my wife is my greatest achievement to date Tandi-Lee Silberman

- In the Jewish culture / religion, a Rabbi gives a new name when a trauma occurs to someone. This is based on a new era, a new life and a new destiny for that person. My new name is Chaim. Chaim means life. Chaim means 18

- 18 reduced down gives us 9 (1+8=9) and 9 my friends is a very powerful number. For this post let's not get too deep. Simply, 9 represents completion, although not a final ending — more like the fulfillment of one cycle so that you can prepare to initiate the next one. It's a recognition of life's ongoing ebb and flow. This is based on the final numeral but we have to ask what is final? Is there such a thing? There is so much before the number 9 and there is so much after it - as to of trauma and life!

- On this 18th year- on the exact day, it just so happened to be my first event in Los Angeles in my new world and new life!

So it is 18 years!

What is my biggest lesson in my second life?

It is not learning to walk, talk and eat at the ripe age of 22 years of age!

It is not overcoming brain damage!

It is not putting myself through a bachelor of commerce degree!

It is not taking 7 years to get my degree, through brain damage!

It is not being a certified massage therapist and healer

It is not starting multiple businesses while brain damaged!

It is not becoming a serial entrepreneur!

It is not succeeding in business!

It is not making money!

It is not getting married to my soul mate!

It is not becoming the father to two unbelievable kids!

It is not embracing my fear!

It is not learning how to speak to a mass audience!

It is not becoming an author!

It is not publishing a book!

It is not designing a course!

It is not even anything to do with me! Nor you!


It is about us! All of us!

It is about the journey!

It is about going through everything that we have all gone through to summit our individual mountains but all together!

It is about how we as humans, while on our journey, control and mange our EGO!!!

It is about how to control and manage our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and our behavior.

A piece of my book (Be The Bubble), discovery number 4 is called “It is all about choices”

In summary…

“Every choice has a consequence and even if we choose or do not choose that consequence is in existence which in essence is the energy that we create which can define our destiny.

We all know what a choice means but from that choice is a consequence. But what is a consequence?

I believe that the dictionary does not provide an adequate understanding of the word ‘consequence’ in a practical sense of the word, so I look to physics.

The dictionary states that a consequence is a result or effect of an action or condition.

In physics, there are two laws I would like to bring up:

1. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - Isaac Newton’s third law of motion

2. Energy is neither created nor destroyed - Julius Robert Mayer’s law of conservation of energy.

These two laws explain what a consequence actually is in a practical sense of the word.

If we combine the dictionary definition with the laws of physics we see that everything you ever do in your life has a consequence/result/reaction/energy.

Once created, that energy is infinite! It will change or transform as it moves but it will never disappear - From dust to dust!

Everything, every single thing, is just energy. You, me, the shoes you are wearing, the gel or wax in your hair, your underwear, the chair you are sitting on, the light bulb, the mountain, your brain, your choices, thoughts and what you are thinking right now and even the things you are not - everything!

Energy also has the potential for causing change so even when we create something that we do not want, we have the power and control to transform it into something positive - something that we do want!

Thinking bad creates bad. Thinking sad creates sadness. Thinking failure creates failure. Thinking unworthiness creates unworthiness.


Thinking good creates good. Thinking happy creates happiness. Thinking success creates success. Thinking worthiness creates worthiness.”

So in my second life… The biggest lesson is ego!

It is not about me!

It is not about you!

It is not about him!

It is not about her!

It is not about them!

It is not about what I have been through!

It is not about what you have been through!

It is not about my trauma!

It is not about your trauma!

It is not about my pain!

It is not about your pain!

It is only about…


All of us together as one!

United to uplift this world!

It is all about surrendering to yourself and letting the universe or God or the energy that you connect with to guide you and direct you on your path to fulfill your mission and purpose here in this realm.

When we surrender, we have this mindset and consciousness that we are a vessel with the power to create change and uplift our souls and the world around us. When we surrender, We are not in control!

It is hard when we are climbing to summit the mountain that we are on. It is tough! It breaks us and pushes us down. But when we get there we have this sense of achievement and success. Not because of what we have been through to get there but because we have been through it and we are now there.

And when we are there we have this gratitude and mindfulness of what it takes to get there and the real kicker is that when we are standing on the summit reflecting what we have overcome - WE HAVE NO EGO and the energy that remains with us is LOVE AND PEACE!!


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