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Is it holiday yet?

Holiday time is something we all look forward to. When we are on holiday we feel free, connected, refreshed, have new experiences, spend time how we want to with the ones we love.

Holidays come around so seldom for our liking and we all crave that sense of magic.


What if we made a decision to always be on holiday?

I am not suggesting being away the whole year and not working or working hard because that would not allow us to live life on purpose. What I am suggesting is to have a mindset that makes you feel like you are on holiday throughout the year.

This epiphany was due to the weather heating up, wearing short sleeves and the energy that was in the air, probably because of the sun... Anyhow, I decided that from this day forward I will always be on holiday.

No matter where I was, what the weather was like, who I was with or what I was doing, I would be on holiday. If I was at work, on the road, at home, with my family, with friends, with clients, at events, or whatever... I would be on holiday - this way, I would live my life on purpose irrespective of external influences which would make me live life successfully, with efficiency, with productivity, with passion, happiness and fun.

How do we live like we are on holiday everyday?

There is a seed within all of us and it lies at the centre of our solar plexus. This seed represents physical and emotional power, self-esteem, purpose and identity. This seed is most often blocked by how we currently live - stress, pressure, goals that aren't even our own and living life not for who we are and not for our purpose and passions. This seed is uncovered mostly when we are free, connected and refreshed which is when we are on holiday.

The simple answer is to live like you are on holiday. Wake up as the sun rises, go for a walk, a run, a gym session, do a session of yoga or meditation, be grateful for being here right now, for having one more day to do what you got to do. Work on yourself. Tell yourself that you are enough and that you are beautiful. Don't rush, don't stress for no reason, don't sweat the small stuff, do things at your leisure, make meetings that suit you - your best time and location, do a random act of kindness, make someone smile or laugh, call someone you love and tell them how you feel about them, work hard with a smile in your heart because you are on holiday, create goals that are yours and live life for you!

If we all were on holiday all the time then life would be the way we would want it to be - happy, fun, connected, refreshing, efficient and successful.

Enjoy your holiday!

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