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I have been thinking about the term freedom since the bell rung for 2019.

What is freedom?

Does anybody live freely?

Am I living life freely?

Is my wife free?

Are my kids free?

Lets look at the definition: "the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants".

On first sight this is how we want to live. We have made our minds up - our minds are set to think that reality demolishes what we want and makes us live the way we "need" to live. The way society wants us to live. The way we should live to make those special people around us proud.

The reason this does not create happiness for us is because, truth be told, This is not the way we want to live! If it were we would be living life with freedom.

After all, everything that is happening right now is because we have chosen it. We have chosen:

  • The jobs we have

  • The friends we have

  • The people we socialize with

  • The books we read

  • The music we listen to

  • The food we eat

  • The way we eat

  • How we keep physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit

  • How we spend our time

  • If and how we relax

  • The way we think

  • ​Who we love

  • How we love

  • How we feel about life

  • How we feel about ourselves

  • How we live

Our lives are all about our choices.

Our choices define who we are.

Who we are is how we live.

Often and most of the time the choices we make are excuses.

I don't feel like walking the dog or working harder, or connecting to myself or a potential best friend or life partner.

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” ~Unknown

This means doing what you need to do to get where you need to be.

Life is a complex system. There are so many things, people, situations and energies pulling us in different directions that we do not even know what is a simple left, right, straight, over there or just here. We have the power, the potential and the choice to choose what ever we want to. The power we all hold is often scary because we can do what ever we want to! The sole reason we often don't!

The time is now to start living for you. To start loving yourself enough so that every action, decision or choice is right for you and the people around you.

There are 4 control factors taken from my talks, workshops & courses. A summary that can be put in place to beat your excuses and to make the correct choices for you are:

  1. Core beliefs: We can never achieve anything that contradicts our core beliefs but we can change them!

  2. No Routine: Consistency is what counts. Routines build the you that you need.

  3. The incorrect reason: Set goals, engage and do things because it comes from your head and heart. Don't waste your time nor your energy to prove something, get upset because of someone else or your expectations. Put your guard down and do it for who you are.

  4. Let go: Don't let past experiences affect your present and define your future. There is no such thing as failure. When you feel you fail STOP! Acknowledge that it is a stepping stone to get you up that mountain - a journey for success!

Freedom? Yes we have it if we want it!

We have the power to be free. To choose how we feel, think and act about anything that enters our world.

We have the power to allow the ones we love to be free.

It is our choice and our life!

Go now

Be free

Be you

Make love

The way you want to

Be happy

Be you!

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