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My Discovery - 15 years later

15 years since my discovery... Wow, 15 years!

What a journey and how grateful I am.

A year has passed and as mentioned in my 14 year discovery last year...

We are all on a journey to search for who we already are and this journey that we are all on never ends. We are continually fighting the influences around us and most importantly fighting what is in our own head - our thoughts...

Which way do we go? Left, right, up, down or around? This one or that three? Yes or no? Angry or grateful? Pissed off or accepted? Was that meant to be or was it not meant to be? Should I of? Could I of? Regret or satisfaction? Cheesecake or protein shake? You get the point...

Right now I am right here where I am supposed to be doing what I am supposed be doing with the mindfulness of who I am, what I have, in terms of the person (characteristics) I am, and my vision - where I am going.

Every milestone or each year of my journey or birthday, I look at where I am in this juggernaut of a world, what I have done to make my mark, what has changed, how and where I have grown and if I have achieved success - how have I made the world a better place...

Right now, the biggest thing that I have achieved success in is...


First, let me digress and explain what success is for me...

Success is so much more than what the world sees of me because this perception is based on the successes of other peoples or how I am against that guy / girl, that company, that car, that, this and bullshit in all its "societal forms and glory".

My success factors, I must admit, have some form of this because I do live in the real world. Although it is there to a minimal degree, it makes zero happiness nor sunshine in my life. My success factors go deeper into what I have achieved regarding my purpose and what I have created in line with that and where I am going.

Back to the biggest achievement this year - LOVE. Here is why, in preferential order:

  • The love and relationship I have with my wife has grown beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. I am more in love with her than I have ever been. It is phenomenal! She is my own soul and I am her own soul. The perfect ingredient for a successful upbringing for my kids and a happy, joyful and magical life for both my wife and me.

  • The love that I have for my two boys (4.5 years old and 19 months old) is something that I cannot explain. My eldest is my hero. I would love to be him. My youngest one is growing up so fast but still to young for me to call my hero. He will be soon. They see the love their parents have for each other which is exactly how I want my kids to grow up and treat other people - those that they love and those that they don't.

  • My Purpose is all about love and it is what I do every day. Here is why:

  • Bradley Dean has become my passion and hobby that fills my essence every day. I am more mindful every step of my way - I listen to the signs I receive and I act upon them. This makes me live life to its fullest with everything that comes my way.

  • Bradley Dean is who I am and nothing else.

  • My talks / workshops are growing and getting better and better.

  • I have decided to write a book to help others live life better. I have made weekly meetings between my book and myself to get this done.

  • My company Rejuve is adding more sustainable value to clients by adding the love factor to all it does and creates.

  • I have launched a new company which was born from the love and passion of making people feel good and live well on a global scale. Take a look at Sqeeze My

  • The love I have for my brother and his family is immense with the understanding and realization of how deep the love between all of us actually is.

  • My parents are my biggest supporters. The love they have for me is just like the love I have for my kids. I now acknowledge this with the immeasurable love I have for them.

  • My friends have become more like blood because of the essence of love.

  • I love the world and everyone around me more. I know better were I stand, where I fit in and I control my thoughts, speech and actions better in each situation. When I give just a little bit to someone less fortunate than me, I feel much more grateful, more worthy than I was before I gave and certainly more loved - that's how I feel from just a little bit! How the "receiver" feels is much more than just a little bit - it is actually everything. I write "receiver" in inverted commas because who do you think actually receives here? Yes, the person getting a drink / meal or your time gets what you give them and it is amazing for them... But you are receiving a whole lot more. You are receiving love from within you, from them, for the other person and the world. Your act of kindness spirals out of control and creates love and kindness further than you could ever imagine. Every action that you create will last forever, in your lifetime, your kids lifetime and the lifetime to come.

Bottom line is. Love changes the world so lets use it and change the world for good.

Love can be expressed in many different forms and factors. First, love yourself. Then, do more of the little bits that make a difference - the more love we give, provided that its coming from love (love yourself) then the more love we have and the more love the world gains.

As my theory goes, the first part of being happy and achieving success is to love yourself... FIRST! When you do, you will be happy without anything or anyone making you happy and success will be at your feet - every step every success!


I love,

I love you,

I am loved,

I am Bradley Dean,

I am enough,

I am me!

Come join me...

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