Welcome and thank you for entering my world!

More than a decade ago, following a life-threatening incident and long recovery, I experienced a journey of discovery, which has awakened my senses to become in tune with the essence of life.

From the challenges I faced and the universal lessons I had to and still learn, I am constantly aware of my environment, my interactions, the language I speak and my purpose.

We are all born with a purpose. A purpose to grow, learn and enrich the world around us. It is the key element that we search and yearn for on a daily basis, irrespective of our successes. The choices we make in our lives are derivatives of our purpose, which often go astray, leaving us in the dark.

I have a passion to make a difference in your life. I have the experience and insight, from being down in the trenches and rising above anyone's expectation or imagination, to getting to where I needed to be - the best version of myself.

I am all about a mind-shifting experience with the objective of long-term health and happiness. In line with this, I am a gap-explorer, innovator, motivator, transformer and coach, whose aim is to make the world a better place by assisting others in finding and living life on purpose

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How I Can Help You

From birth, our lives have been indoctrinated by societies rules, measures, goals and success factors, all with good intentions.


We have therefore made decisions about our life and what path to take based on society.

Unfortunately, on our pursuit of happiness, this has broken individual purpose and passions. Irrespective of our success factors there is something missing which I refer to as a Constant Inner Gap (CIG). A constant loop of search for more and more that leads us back to the same place. The time is now to put out your CIG!

My purpose is to provide you with a mind-shift or altered alignment of why you are in what you are in, how to get out of it and how to put out your CIG, with the objective for you to find your purpose, live your best life with complete happiness and success.


Let's do this with one or more of the following motivational & mind-shifting options: