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A Change of Attitude is A Change of Life

It was on a night in November 2004 when my life drastically changed. I was 22, studying engineering and Maths, and the captain of the Wits University rugby team. I was out dancing with friends in a popular nightclub, celebrating a birthday and looking forward to our summer holiday before an unprovoked attack by a bouncer left me lying in a hospital emergency room, unconscious and unable to breathe on my own, and awaiting a life-saving brain operation.

My family and friends rallied around me anxiously, believing that the relationships that they had with me were forever changed. Their lives became machine like; like automatons they existed only to get through the day and to be there to support me through the next.  

With hardly any words of encouragement to go by my supporters believed, as the doctor later articulated, that I would spend the rest of my days blowing bubbles in the corner of the room.  

After being in a coma for weeks, breathing through a tracheotomy, with significantly compromised sight, minimal balance and intense headaches, I managed to slowly regain my physical strength, improve my eyesight and learn how to walk, talk and swallow food again. Each milestone and each minor response to treatment was a miracle, an affirmation of myself, and a reminder of the therapy and the power of prayer, which were incentives to keep up the hard work to get myself back.   

After more three years of rehabilitation (occupational therapy, speech & hearing therapy, psychotherapy and physiotherapy), I had recovered sufficiently to take care of my needs, something nobody believed I would ever be able to do.

I felt that I received a second chance in life, and a new purpose, which was to help and heal, and enhance the world around me. As a result, I embarked on a variety of courses including massage, healing, meditation, life coaching, mind power, neuroscience, etc. whilst creating and running a variety businesses. I am now a guide, speaker, author, transformer and pain whisperer, finding purpose and living more abundantly and meaningfully.

My experience not only revealed to me the enormity of one's resources, but also the courage and will to live abundantly and consciously, and the importance of others in the passage of life.

I hope that my gift of awakening will be able to inspire people to create a global state of consciousness, mindfulness, purpose, love, peace, security and magic.

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