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Welcome and thank you for being here! I am grateful for you!

More than a decade ago, following a life-threatening incident and long recovery, I experienced a journey of discovery, which has awakened my senses to become in tune with the essence of life.

From the challenges I faced and the universal lessons I had to and still learn, I embarked on a variety of courses including massage, healing, meditation, life coaching, mind power, neuroscience and more, whilst creating and running a variety of businesses all aligned to my purpose.


I am now a guide, speaker, author, transformer, coach and pain whisperer, seeking to dispose of the pain that people are experiencing. through which I live life on purpose, more abundantly and meaningfully.

Through life we all experience pain and trauma. Becuase of this, we all have some form of pain - physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. 

I have discovered how to live pain free - from being down in the trenches and rising above anyone's expectation or imagination, to getting to where I needed to be - the best version of mysef - happy, pain free and successful.

I am all about a mind-shifting experience with the objective of long-term health and happiness. 

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