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What Clients Say


Reading ‘Be the Bubble’ teaches you the ability to take any situation and turn it around. To focus on the positive and truly become who you are meant to be. It is so easy to read. It is honest. It is real. It is inspiring. Reading this book has been incredible but getting to know the man who has walked the bubble has been a humbling and incredible experience. I have learnt to love and learn from this genuine, honest and truly special human, who has the ability to help you see the positive and overcome any situation. His outlook on life is contagious and I am honoured to have crossed his path. You are your bubble!!!!




After a brutal attack as a young student, Bradley suffered brain damage that almost killed him.

His long journey to recovery, and the search for answers through coaching, integrated therapies and meditation, gave him the strength and skills to take back control of his life.


In this must-read book, Brad shares his personal story and the life-changing lessons he gained along the way to becoming a sought-after speaker, coach and entrepreneur.


The purpose of the book is to share the principles and concept of BE THE BUBBLE, a powerful toolkit that can literally transform your life. Brad’s hard-won life lessons are carefully distilled in a number of concise, accessible chapters.

Today, Brad is a husband and father with successful businesses that align with his learnings, lessons and experience. Join him on this remarkable journey of discovery - you’ll learn a bit about Brad and a lot about yourself on the way.

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