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Happy birthday to me 🎉

Celebration of life is what I live and love for!

Life is precious and I am grateful to be right here right now.

Not because this is my second or third (Cali) life,




Each year I rally up my goals / achievements and ponder on the year gone by...

Should have, could have, did and didn’t!

But this year, nearly a year and a half in our new worlds I am satisfied because…


How am I here is my real question?



And, beyond any societal, personal or other measure I am as happy as I could be right now!

What do I have you ask?

At the forefront of everything…

I have...


In all my pride and glory!!!

What makes me me?

The choices I make


The relationships along the ride.

The list of people that come first to mind are the following.

  • My supermodel wifey

  • My first born Noah Leo

  • My second born Jaxson Levi

  • My parents (who have travelled across the world to spend time with us in our new worlds)

  • My brother, his wife (Lolly) and 3 kids (Leah, Nate, Jude)

  • My family in Cali

  • All my friends in SA and the ones that have left

  • All my new friends in LA

  • All my work and other colleagues / friends and enemies.

Each person that I have ever interacted with has made me the person I am today!

When I look back...

All I can do is thank each and every one of them,

with a gratitude of their existence and worth!

My greatest wish in my life is happiness...

Happiness for all!!!

The first step toward happiness,

is being happy myself!

Which I am!

And, by the way, this is what I define as the true definition of success!

Now being happy is not easy because life is not easy.

No matter what anyone thinks and how easy it might seem, there are always challenges to overcome.

What I have learned along the way is that perception about our own reality defines our internal attitudes and behavior which actually create our destiny - Be The Bubble Discovery 1

Life is all about our internal worlds which shape our external reality.


That what we think, what we say, what we do creates an energy that defines who we are, what we have and what we get!

That my friends is all about the choices we have and make!

The second step is to uplift as many people as I possibly can and in doing so, to realize their own mission and purpose, love themselves and become as happy as they could be.

The third step is a happy world!

1, 2, 3...


From happiness to happiness!!!

Happy birthday to me


Much love to you all!!!

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